Unit 2: Suffrage, Progressivism, the New Deal & the Constitution 1890-1940

by Tona H - February 20th, 2012

Mon 2/20: No class

Mon 2/27: Civil Liberties and Wartime. Reading: MP 9 and Amar 405-419. Due: Your research topic (a paragraph is fine)

Relevant Links:
Poster Art from World War I
The Art of War (a “Teaching with Primary Sources” lesson plan comparing WWI and WW2 propaganda)
Article from “Worker’s World” commenting on the Palmer Raids
Mark Ruffalo reads Deb’s Canton Speech (Zinn, People’s History DVD)

Mon 3/5: Women’s Suffrage. Reading: Amar 419-428 and 2 PDF articles: Nancy Cott, “Marriage and Women’s Citizenship in the United States, 1830-1934,AHR December 1998 and Elizabeth Kenny Sparacino, “An Online Bibliography of Resources for the Study of Woman Suffrage,History Teacher Feb 2004.

Mon 3/12: The New Deal. Reading: MP 10 + Amar 428-438. Due: Research prospectus (Guidelines here).

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