How to Approach a Primary Source Document

by Tona H - March 1st, 2012

In retrospect, it probably would have helped for us to have the source analysis discussion from this week’s class before I had you turn in your document analyses. I really enjoyed that discussion and in fact, I thought about it all the way home and took some time to blog about it the next day. I thought I’d provide the link, just in the interest of full disclosure. You can read the full post here. Yes, I occasionally blog about my teaching although I seldom draw the attention of my undergraduates to it!

Have a wonderful weekend, see you on Monday. Just to remind, the reading for Monday’s discussion is:

Mon 3/5: Women’s Suffrage. Reading: Amar 419-428 and 2 PDF articles: Nancy Cott, “Marriage and Women’s Citizenship in the United States, 1830-1934,AHR December 1998 and Elizabeth Kenny Sparacino, “An Online Bibliography of Resources for the Study of Woman Suffrage,History Teacher Feb 2004.

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