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End of Term

by Tona H - May 1st, 2012

For our last class on Monday and a very productive discussion about the War on Terror – what the boundaries are of its definition, and what are the legal arguments for and against the authorization to use military force in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in United States detention facilities on foreign soil.

I have posted your paper abstracts on a new permanent page, “Research Showcase” for your reference. Feel free to add the url to your resume or CV, it will remain there for you indefinitely.

Thanks for a terrific semester, everyone, and for all your hard work! Comments on the papers will be sent out individually by Thursday afternoon, and then my margin comments may make more sense (can’t promise!). Grades should be up by early next week. Please continue to use me as a resource as you rethink the paper and prepare your curriculum unit in Charlotte Haller’s Summer I class; keep in touch!

The New Deal for Mon 3/12

by Tona H - March 10th, 2012

Reading: MP 10 + Amar 428-38

Due: Your prospectus, see guidelines under the “Papers” tab above.

Links and Resources
America in the 1930s (University of Virginia)
New Deal Network (FERI)
Specially recommended: Rondal Partridge photographs from NYA
WPA Posters (Library of Congress American Memory)
Studs Terkel, Hard Times oral histories with full audio

Also please note: I added a section at the foot of the “Papers” tab of resources for historical research and Chicago Style citation. Click here to jump to the resource list.