Immigration History: Nov 13, 15 and 20

by admin - November 9th, 2018

Although there are still votes being counted in some states (and may be for a while! Keep watching… esp Georgia and Florida) we are entering the course’s final unit after the Veterans’ Day weekend

and from now until the end of the term we will be centrally concerned with 3 things:

1) completing and publishing your CITIZEN project essays
2) mastering the basics, and then understanding the history and current politics, of US immigration and naturalization law / policy
3) preparing for a comprehensive final exam, covering all course readings and topics

Here’s how things will roll until Thanksgiving (i.e. the next 3 classes)

Timeline of Major Milestones in American Immigration Policy, 1790-Present

Key terms in US and International Immigration and Naturalization

Next week’s New Yorker cover: “Welcome to Congress,” by Barry Blitt

Tues, Nov 13: “Petitioners at the Gates” – Reader Day 20.

RP #5 is due – Please write a 2-3 page recap from your informed point of view. Assess the midterm election in light of what you’ve learned in the past unit about US voting and voting rights. How did this election look to you? Highlights, lowlights, lessons learned, surprises, non-surprises?

Thurs, Nov 15: Melting Pot? Reader: Day 21

Tues, Nov 20: Final CITIZEN project essay due electronically – see the submission options in the assignment Guidelines and decide which one works for you. In class we will screen the HBO Documentary, Citizen USA. (Watch the trailer, below)


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